Patent Law

Blake counsels clients in electronics, software, mechanical, and medical device patents. He routinely applies for and prosecutes patent applications before the US Patent and Trademark Office.


Blake has written countless software patent applications for numerous fortune 500 companies. His experience includes applications for mainframe operating systems, software suites, SaS, cloud computing, communication protocols, firmware, and mobile applications.


Blake has written numerous electrical patent applications including CMOS applications, digital and analog converters, digital and analog control systems, aircraft control systems, automotive control systems, utility power distribution components, and industrial power components.


Blake’s experience with mechanical devices includes automotive components, aircraft components, rocket designs, fasteners, gas turbine engine system components, combustion engines, steam systems, paper product manufacturing methods and systems, and commercial and retail packaging.

Medical Devices

Blake has written many medical device patent applications. Some of these devices include, heart rate monitors, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) devices, orthopedic fasteners and pins, sight assistance devices, medical device software and firmware, and dental devices.

Trademark Law

Blake regularly advises clients in trademark development when defining, searching, and registering trademarks before the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Copyright Law

Blake has extensive experience counseling clients in registering copyrights for software and other creative works US Copywrite Office.


Blake Dorr

Blake Dorr founded The Dorr Law Group after counseling numerous Fortune 500 companies and startups on intellectual property matters for almost 20 years.

Blake’s mission is to provide committed service to smaller and medium sized companies having unique intellectual property needs. Blake counsels clients in patent prosecution and intellectual property matters, and he regularly helps Asian and European companies protect their IP rights in the United States.

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